Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thou Shalt not Kill, Unless its After the Rapture!

Ah, mega church worship. Happy songs, Powerpoint sermons, fresh coffee and donuts and everybody hugging. Its so nice to be with people who share your worldview especially the worldview that says that only people who believe in Evangelicalism go to heaven and everybody else, atheists, Jews, Muslims and mainline protestants and Catholics will burn in Hell forever. And really, if these scum bags are going to hell, why not send them early? Heck, according dispensational theology, which is all the rage in the Evangelical movement and the basis for the mega-hit books “Left Behind” you can kill as many non-Christians as you want after the Rapture. Grab your guns and mow ‘em down! Of course, the only problem is that real Christians won’t be here to enjoy the fun of spilling infidel blood. No, that fun is left to those who convert after the rapture.

But don’t despair! You can enjoy hours of virtual carnage right now. Yes, with Left Behind: Eternal Forces you can start the mayhem, all sanctioned by our dear Lord, right now. Praise God and let the hate flow….